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Fuckförbundet In Lock Down

Everything connected to Fuckförbundet (except for our peer to peer support and member pages) has been put on pause until the 10 people asked to leave have sent in their exit notification. Website, social media, email, bank accounts etc. have been put on hold at the moment.

In a year, Fuckförbundet will have stabilized again and returned to its main purpose and focus areas. That is, promoting the mental and physical health of sex workers as well as influencing sex workers' rights. We will have fewer directions and are not as widespread and no longer take a stand on all sorts of political issues.


We're an organization where all different sex workers are welcome regardless of their political views. When you join, you have agreed to follow the by laws and these have clear rules on how you behave among other members (you come a long way on common sense, respect and kindness.) Everyone is politically neutral when they represent Fuckförbundet. Political views outside of sex work belong on people's own social media.

We will have developed a clear vision and work towards it in a uniform way. There will always be different opinions and it would be very boring if everyone had the same thoughts all the time but when this goes into systematic bullying it is something completely different and does not only harm the person(s) being exposed but also the whole organisation and its members.

Again, I'm really sorry that I need to take these drastic measures and wish for the members' understanding. To resolve this situation that has been going on for far too long and to ensure the survival of Fuckförbundet, this is absolutely necessary. If you have any questions that are not answered here, you are welcome to use the form below.

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