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Before you ever start your webcam, sit your ass down and think about what show you want to do and what you’d tell your friends and family if they saw your content. Most shows are recorded and posted on the internet so even if you block your home country there is still a risk that people see it.

What type of performer are you?

What type of performer you are should be your top consideration when deciding on what site to cam from because if you pick a site that is “wrong” for the type of performer you are you’re never going to make money (at least not a lot). If you enjoy being the center of attention and entertain people then sites like Chaturbate, Manyvids and MyFreeCams are your top sites. If you on the other hand is better at teasing and one-on-one sexy fun then sites like Streamate or Cam4 are your top sites.


Most shows now-a-days get automatically recorded and uploaded to sites like and the ones who don’t get automatically recorded still run the risk of individuals screen-recording the show for themselves or to upload to pornsites. There is no way (that I know of) to get around this right now even though some models put DMCA-stickers on their show feed but this does little to ensure that the show is actually protected. The best way of actually protecting yourself from people finiding recordings of your shows is 1. camming on a site that is less targeted and 2. having a ready made DMCA-letter to send when you find recordings. So let’s break that down.

  1. Sites that aren't very targeted is Manyvids (live-streaming is a pretty new feature on Manyvids and the site hasn’t been targeted yet to automatic recording) and Streamate (since there is no nudity in free-chat there is no real point to automatically record).

  2. You always have to know your rights, most cam-sites hold shared copyright of the content you make on the site and their money and power always mean more than 1 single cam-models SO know what copyright your site has.

A DMCA-letter would look something like this (feel free to copy this and send out):



The content on this link: (enter link to content) is under copyright held by me, (enter your stage name) and (enter cam-site) and no permission has been given to stream or post the content in question on your site (enter site-name). If the content on this link (enter link to content) is not taken down within 7 days I, (enter stage name) together with (enter cam-site) will together with our legal counsel persue legal action against (enter site-name).


Best regards, (stage name)