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Link Resources - Various topics

Discrimination - Platforms discriminate against sex workers

Being critical towards academics and media - Why you shouldn't study sex work - Why You Shouldn’t Study Sex Work in School - Dear students of sex work and trafficking

Migrant sex workers organizing - Projekt för migrerande sexarbetare om gränser och byggandet av rörelser - A New Organisation Advocates for Chinese Sex Workers in Paris

Migrant sex workers and decriminalization ​ - We speak but you don’t listen

E-book on different sw-topics - Publication e-book "sex workers speak who listens?"

Sex workers abroad - African sex workers demand their rights - Sex work activism in South Africa - Bangkok museum celebrates Thai sex industry and its workers - The bar owned and run entirely by a thai sex workers collective - We don’t do sex work because we are poor, we do sex work to end our poverty - Indian sex workers organizing - La Strada International, focusing on Eastern Europe - how banks discriminate sex workers in Holland

Drug using sex workers - Here’s What Real Sex Workers Say About That “Hooker Using Drugs to Numb the Pain” Trope - "Junkie Whore" — What Life Is Really Like for Sex Workers on Heroin

Sugar baby/Sugar dating - Letter to a Young Baby

The porn industry - racism in porn - A map of the world's porn interests 2016 - The willingness to pay for porn - Why porn has gotten so rough - Bree Olsons untold story

Coming out - The dangerous catch - 22 of coming out as sex workers

Client/Friend support - Suspicious claims on sex workers clients being more violent - How Can Sex Worker Clients Fight to Legalize Sex Work? - Om att dejta och ha vänskaper med sexarbetare - Ge dina pengar till kvinnor - Om relationer med sex arbetare

Violence against sex workers in numbers - 2015 facts

Rehabilitation - Economic Empowerment: Does Rehabilitation Have a Role?

Youth sex workers - Pimps Are Not the Problem, Harsh Laws and Lack of Services Are

Sex worker activism in history - What We Owe to the Hidden, Groundbreaking Activism of Sex Workers

Emotional labor - 50 Ways People Expect Constant Emotional Labor from Women and Femmes - Sexual-labour-day

Being a sex worker parent - I'm a sex worker and this is what I'll tell my child

Racism in sex work - The work black prostitute women face of dealing with racism including from clients - a complicated sisterhood the perils of slutwalk and the surge of transnational fourth wave feminism - SlutWalk: A Stroll Through White Supremacy

Capitalism/Class society - Marxism for Whores - Capitalism, feminism & sex work - Translated interview with Angela Davis (Swedish)

LGBTQIA+/Disabled sex work - The tedium of trans sex work - Vad är vänster om queer migration sexualitet och känslosamhet i en nyliberal värld - Minns hyllningen till sexarbetare i Stone butch blues - Ludo Foster om att vara en ickebinär transman som rasifieras - sexarbetarkamp och queerfeminism

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