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Meeting with The Swedish gender equality agency

In march we sent a list to The Swedish gender equality agency (Jämställdhetsmyndigheten) about how Sweden's different laws put sex workers in danger. Yesturday we had a meeting with them.

They understood our points - and we are very happy for that. Jämställdhetsmyndigheten agree that we need a society where less people risk to fall through the cracks and end up with very few choises. But of course we still have different moral views on sex workers sources of income. In short they prioriotize ending demand, because they think buying sex is morally wrong - nothing they want to have in their society.

Fuckförbundet want a stronger support system for people who have fallen through the cracks. Help programs where each individual sex worker defines what they need/not. And we want worker rights for the people who do sell sex. Power and choises to sex workers so that we can decide our own working conditions - which is not possible with todays laws.

We made this image today about moral views on sex workers and our sources of income.

We are very happy about the meeting and hope that the third point on our list - about Sweden deporting migrants because of their sex work - will be focused on. That is terrible and we believe many people agree on that point wether they are pro or against the sex purchase law.


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